Nutrition and Obesity

Are you gaining weight? Are your old dresses not fitting you anymore? The main reason for this is obesity. When you intake more calories than your body can burn then it gets converted into fats, as a result you put on unwanted weight and become obese. Usually obesity is linked with genetics. But genetics and […]

Natural Dietary Supplements – Are They Safe and Beneficial?

Nothing seems impossible when your body is in prime shape. When you are in the pink of health, even really long treks seem to be like a walk in the park. But the slightest dip in your physical well-being can make even stepping out of the house a herculean task. A good diet is all […]

Mental Exercise for Well Being

When I speak of mental exercises, I certainly don’t mean to give the impression of a spiritual guru helping you find your connection with the Almighty. Any wellness program usually starts in the mind, and this is just where mental exercise comes into the picture. I would like to share some wellness coaching tips with […]

How to Stay Fit Without Work Out Equipment

If you don’t want to invest in a work out equipment and want to lose weight, there are plenty of tips that I can offer you. As exercise is important for you to lose weight, you need to find exercises that are effective and don’t require any equipment. Remember that even a simple work out […]

How to select fitness machines for your home?

Home fitness machines are very good option for those planning to have a home gym. Having a range of fitness machines at home gives you the flexibility to work out as and when you have the time for it and also help you try different fitness routines to see which gives you the best results. […]

Healthy Weight Loss with Low Impact Exercises

When it comes to weight loss, it’s calories that count. Weight loss comes down to burning calories that you take in. you can burn calories through physical activity. Low impact exercises are one of the safest and easy ways to lose weight. With low impact exercises, there are ways to shed off weight and be […]

Healthy Diet Programs for Weight Loss

Everyone wants a healthy diet program for weight loss, preferably  where you don’t want to  leave out your favorite steaks and greasy burger. Of course, the additional benefit of healthy weight loss without any exercise is always welcomed. But life doesn’t work that way, does it? Else I would be in Hollywood with estates spread […]

Going for a better lifestyle for a happier life

What is a lifestyle? In simple terms, it is your way of living that incorporates your tastes and behavior, your practices and preferences. The lifestyle of a person says a lot about his character and so it is important for you to maintain a lifestyle that would articulate a positive feeling about you among others. […]

Fitness Classes – is it for you?

Fitness classes, the word seems to be for the ‘heavy weights’, isn’t it? Most people associate overweight people and fitness classes together. However, the truth is, being fit does not mean being lean. Reports show that many people who seem to be fit from their appearance may be at risk of serious health issues. These […]

Enhancing lifestyle for a better living

Lifestyle can be defined as routine activities, which forms a part of an individual’s day to day life. His tastes, his preferences, what he likes to wear, where he likes to go and whom he meets— everything is incorporated into his lifestyle practices. Now, lifestyle can differ from one person to another but still you […]