Hi, I am Sunny Ramchandani. Welcome to ‘To WellBeing’ – a relatively new but growing personal development community for people who are in quest of (yes, you guessed right) – wellbeing. If you are someone who wants to achieve a fair degree of general wellbeing in life, then this should be the right place for you. Which is probably why you are here in the first place, if I am not wrong.


My name is Sunil Ramchandani, the founder and editor-in-chief of this blog. I am better known as Sunny amongst friends and family, so that is what you will be knowing me as on this blog as well.

I live with my wife and 2 children. It’s not too surprising, but my case is one of the rare ones when it comes to an astounding age difference between my son, who is a major, and my daughter, a minor. That’s because my daughter comes from my second marriage and my son from my ex-wife.

The custodial rights for my son was granted to me by the court which annulled our marriage so he was always with me. But the age difference of almost 18 years between both my children has surprised many who are unaware about my background.

Nonetheless, they get along very well as brother and sister, and that’s what happiness is all about for my entire family. It’s all a part of wellbeing, you see.


Doing a couple of odd and sundry jobs in my youth while on the way to completing my post graduation diploma course in Business Management, I chanced upon a lucky business opportunity and  became one of the first and most successful Cable TV network owners in Colaba, a prime location in Mumbai where I was born and raised.

I prefer not to be known as a Cable Operator as that sounded undignified, and absolutely hated it when any of my subscribers called me a Cablewala, which is loose and typical Indian jargon. I was in this line for a good 20 years when I decided to change track and venture into an online business due to my fascination and obsession for all the good things the Internet had to offer.

I have been earning my livelihood as an internet marketer since 2006 ever since, and doing much better than I did as a Cable TV network owner. Earning more than before is a strong sign of  wellbeing, I am sure most would agree!


I was very excited when I first learnt about the Internet revolution. This was, I think, around 2 years before Internet reached the shores of India in 1997. Wasting no time in getting an internet connection from VSNL (a government-owned body and the sole internet provider at that time), I dived headlong to explore the inner realms that this whole new revolutionary concept  had to offer.

Newspaper featuring my website

Sunny Ramchandani being featured in a leading afternoon tabloid

Inevitably I was drawn towards web designing, and soon I began researching on how websites were designed.

I am artistically inclined, given the fact that I love music and singing and also did a lot of landscapes and portraits on canvas in oil paints during my younger days. So it did not take me much time to figure out how those new graphic software worked. It was the programming languages that went over my head although I took a short course to learn them.

When I understood that I will never be able to understand the coding and scripting part of web development I simply stuck to website and graphic designing and writing content.

And then I created, the now defunct, mycolaba.com, a website with hundreds of pages on that miniscule part of Mumbai where I was born and brought up and lived for almost 50 years. It was a one-man job that turned into a frenzied hobby as it kept developing over time.

Not only was the site a favorite with the local fraternity but also was a hit with those nostalgic NRI’s who once belonged to this area and wanting to know the latest developments around it.

The site was also featured in various tabloids establishing my entry into the world wide web. Fame and success gave a boost to my over all wellbeing.

My site featured in TOI

Sunny Ramchandani being featured in the supplemental issue of the Times Of India

Eventually, why I had to leave Colaba and close the chapter on mycolaba.com is a long but unrelated story which I may live to tell the world someday. It’s really personal, and only those close to me know about it, but believe me, this story is as intriguing as a Hollywood thriller.

THE BIRTH OF ‘ToWellBeing’

With a passion for reading and writing right from my school days (I did my schooling at Holi Name High School, Colaba)  to being the editor of my college magazine (MMK Collage, Bandra), coupled with an interest in general health, fitness and all-round wellbeing, I decided on creating this blog and named it ‘To WellBeing’. The idea was conceptualized by me sometime during the end of 2013 and creation got underway in Jan 2014.

Life comes with its share of ups and downs and everyone grapples differently in dealing with them. This blog has its unique perspective on wellbeing.

While ‘To WellBeing’ has almost become my full-time hobby now, it is more than just that to me: it is my  passion, position and purpose. Developing and continuously updating this blog is what I plan to carry on doing in the future as well.

At least for now I foresee no other plans to pursue in the near future. That’s because I have exhausted a major portion of my life doing other things I loved, and being almost in my mid-fifties at the time of creating this blog I think this is what I’ll be professionally involved in until I am able to.

I know everyone may not agree with my views on personal development on this blog. But before you rubbish my opinions and may consider them unacceptable, I request you to understand very well right from the onset that I am not an expert in any field. I may not be having answers to every aspect on wellbeing.

What I have expressed and will express through my blog posts is based only on what I have learnt through research and experiences in life. If you feel my blog has, in any manner, made any changes in your life for the better, or even left a smile on your face, then I shall consider my efforts having borne fruits. If not, I will still be grateful to you for paying me a visit.

A WORD ABOUT ‘ToWellBeing’

Although the word ‘wellbeing’ is also used in its hyphenated form, you will notice that I have used it only as ‘wellbeing’ in all my posts. This is because the unhyphenated word is more search engine friendly.

You will find some inconsistency in the style and tone of my writings in various articles. That is because I have incorporated a number of articles which I had written many years back, mostly in  my college and post-college days. Probably over the years my attitude towards life, views and thoughts have mutated, or to better put it, matured.

A couple of links you will find on my blog are affiliate related, which means I’ll earn a commission if you make a purchase using those links. You surely don’t have to, but if you do, I’ll be grateful for helping me manage and maintaining this blog. Don’t worry, using the links will not cost you anything additionally.


Honestly, I do not wish to take it wholly upon myself to provide you with my viewpoints from what I have learnt in life. That really would bore you in any case. Hence, I invite everyone out there to share his/her experiences by writing for this blog and building a community where everyone can learn from each other’s life experiences.

The process is continuous and a never-ending journey. Joy can only be shared by a community or a group of people hailing from all walks of life. So please contribute and share your tale with the rest here.

As a general practice I will be posting around 2 blogs every week, written either by me or contributed by anyone else from this community. Here are a few guidelines if you wish to write for this blog.

So, let’s say cheers to life and bring a smile on each  others faces by simply BEING WELL !!!

PS: I dedicate this blog to my sister, Shamane, who succumbed to cancer in 2004. She was 3 years my junior. We shared a very special, excellent and humorous bond with each other. She will always be remembered by those who were close to her. Miss you, sis. Now, and always …