Music Then and Now

The origin of music dates back to the earliest of civilizations. Whether vocal or instrumental, music can be viewed as a form of language or speech. Today, music which was considered to be local or culture based, has become international music with people from different parts of the world listening and enjoying it, thanks to […]

Music and Positivity

Music is something that is accessible to all of us. We are always attracted towards different tunes and rhythms created with instruments. The world we live in is driven by sound. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, some sort of music is always there,  whether it’s the music […]

Music and Mind

The word Music is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘muses’, which was considered to be the ninth Goddesses of art and science. Music is known to exist in every known culture,  with wide variations all throughout the world. Even the most isolated tribes known to mankind are known to have some form of music. […]