Different types of meditations you must know about

If you have decided to learn to meditate, it is time to learn the basics of this art. There are many different types of meditations advocated by various teachers and spiritual gurus. It is a good idea to understand relevant facts about all these types and choose one you are comfortable with. Though there are […]

Start meditating now to become aware of how to meditate Properly

Nowadays, more and more people are opting to learn how to meditate properly or go for yoga classes in an effort to keep themselves healthy and peaceful. Meditation is a word oft-repeated today and is part of any well-designed wellness program. So, what exactly is meditation and how do you learn to meditate? If you conduct […]

Sleep Meditation Guide for Everyone

Meditation is a specific art form that can be meditation for beginners or meditation for experts in the field.  It involves focusing your mind on specific areas of the body to the exclusion of all else.Sleep Meditation guide involves lying on a bed or mat, breathing and focusing on the ins and outs of the breath. […]

Learn To Meditate For Body, Mind And Soul Healing

Meditation is a way to heal your body, mind and soul. We have heard this so many times, but how many of us have actually learnt to meditate and heal our ailments with this method? When people tell us about a new allopathic medicine or even homeopathic or Ayurvedic medicine that works for a particular […]