Start meditating now to become aware of how to meditate Properly

Nowadays, more and more people are opting to learn how to meditate properly or go for yoga classes in an effort to keep themselves healthy and peaceful. Meditation is a word oft-repeated today and is part of any well-designed wellness program.

So, what exactly is meditation and how do you learn to meditate? If you conduct a simple internet search, you will be surprised to find numerous definitions of the word ‘meditation’.

True definition of ‘meditation’ and how to meditate properly

If you ask me which one of them is true, I will say all of them.

Surprised? Well, as I see it, the art of meditation has numerous dimensions; each one based on people’s varied perceptions of reality. What we could try to find out is what meditation actually does for us and find out facts about different types of meditation in existence today.

 photoMy perception of how to meditate properly goes like this. There are many meditation exercises offered by yoga masters and spiritual gurus. If you wish to learn to meditate, the best option would be to try out a few techniques taught by teachers and see which one you feel very comfortable with or rather, which one of the techniques makes you feel vibrant, healthy and happy.

Basically, the meditation practice we adopt must open up realms of joy within us, the fountain of joy that springs forth and spreads happiness all around.

At the risk of sounding very lofty and idealistic, let me tell you that to meditate is to remain in awareness through the day, in whatever we do, speak or even think.

From cacophony to calmness for knowing how to meditate properly

Initially, this may seem to be a daunting task. To get into the rhythm of meditation is pretty easy, provided we dedicate some time every day towards this and more importantly bring about a system of discipline by meditating at the same time each day.

This means that you must set up a particular time, say 6 am, and choose a calm and quiet corner. Sit with your back straight in whichever position you are comfortable in, either on a chair or on the floor. If on the floor, use a floor mat. Gently close your eyes and concentrate on the many noises and din going on in your head.

Now, if you have to work around this cacophony and get to a completely calm state of mind, it will obviously take time and persistent effort.

The trick is to make a habit of it during the initial stages. If you persist with your efforts, it hardly takes a few months to bring about this awareness in everything you do through the day.

If in doubt, you can take the help of many online meditation guidance and tools available.

How to meditate properly is a major concern for most people. I have shared some knowledge for this awareness. Feel free to offer your valuable inputs and comments on this subject.

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