I Survived COVID-19

Monday Blues may not necessarily dampen spirits on resumption of new work days alone. Not in my case at least. Although with no work to look forward to thanks to the nation-wide lockdown, it’s yet a low-spirited and bleak Monday with restrictions on movement (partially even within my society precincts) and on just about everything […]

10 Commandments for healthy living

Life can be a bed of roses if you could make it a point to adhere to some simple yet valuable commandments it has ordained you to do or desist from. What allows us to walk with our heads held high and with confidence bursting at its seams is only a fit mind accompanied by […]

Live an American lifestyle, live happy

The United States of America has always been a destination for those who were in search of a happy life. The most common term used to denote the American way of life is the American Dream. So, what is so special about America that everyone wants to be there? The answer is in the American […]

Work Out While Pregnant With Walking

Want to work out while pregnant but are scared! Then walking is one of the safest and most effective kinds of low impact exercise. Some level of regular physical exercise is very essential for pregnant women; as it provides health and social benefits.  The best part of walking is that you don’t need any work […]

Why You Need Wellness Programs at the Workplace

When it comes to your employees, they either think of you as a democratic leader or a not-so democratic one. Whether you are a loving leader or a ruthless tyrant, now would be a good time to understand the importance of wellness jobs and the importance of happy employees in the workplace. I’ve worked in […]

What are food supplements and how do they contribute to people’s “Wellbeing”

Food supplements are natural sources of nutrients and other substances made to supplement our normal diet.  Diet control is an extremely important aspect of human life for a better health. However, only diet control is not enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you want to get rid of obesity and be mentally and physically […]

Well Being Is More Tangible Than You Think

I have tackled the idea of well being so often that the idea of well being coaching certainly gets confusing at times. Since each one of you are different people with your unique history, emotional background and a whole lot of other stuff, I am certainly not going to preach each one of you to […]

The Fitness Boom

The fitness boom continues as people are buying fitness equipment at a record pace.  People are using fitness equipment and fitness accessories in order to lose weight and in order to sculpt the body and look great. Fitness equipment includes free weights, treadmills, elliptical equipment and stationary bicycles, among other products.  Users will take part […]

Proper nutrition is a must for your children

Have you ever thought why your child is not performing up to the mark in his school career? He may give his best performance at video games while not academics while she cannot write a proper report except for text messaging. Well do not always blame it on their concentration. If I say that the […]

Nutrition Tips for Good Health

Good nutrition has been linked to the prevention of cancer, heart diseases and immune function, among other things.  This is why it’s best not to simply put food in your mouth without looking at the nutrition data and nutrition facts that will tell you what to eat for better health. Some people pay close attention […]