Well Being Is More Tangible Than You Think

I have tackled the idea of well being so often that the idea of well being coaching certainly gets confusing at times. Since each one of you are different people with your unique history, emotional background and a whole lot of other stuff, I am certainly not going to preach each one of you to follow the same path towards overall wellbeing. Being a wellness coach, you will be surprised how often I need to remind myself of not overwhelming people with advice. I have however managed to jot down some of the following pointers that can really help:

– Try to live in the present. This certainly sounds simple but have you ever tried to untangle the mess that is in your head? Most of your thoughts are always about the future or the past. However, any wellness program or wellness coaching regime will require you to let go of living in the past or the future. Life is not like an evening at the pub so living in the present is not always that most exciting prospect, agreed. However, if wellbeing is what you are looking for, you do need to find meditative focus to keep your thoughts in the present.

– We’ve all heard of sayings to the effect of “the stomach is the way to a man’s heart.” Well, this applies to everyone, and I don’t say this figuratively. Eating well is half the battle one for anyone looking for well being coaching. The relationship between nutrition and wellness is well established so if you are a junk-food addict, it is time you face your demons and get onto a healthier diet. That being said; I do understand that there is a little hog in all of us and eating delicious food makes us happy. Remember, eating healthy does not mean total abstinence for your taste buds.

– Exercise is equally valuable for anyone looking to follow a wellness program. Apart from keeping you physically fit, exercise is known to increase the flow of endorphins in the brain which play an important role in keeping your moods upbeat. Again, any wellness coach will also tell you that wellness comes with confidence. Regular exercise will keep you in good shape and once this is achieved, who doesn’t want a desirable body to flaunt?

I stress on the fact that well being requires a combination of physical, mental and spiritual efforts so whatever you do, make sure you maintain a good balance between the three.

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