The Journey called Finding love

When John Paul Young sang that famous song “Love is in the air” there were many out there who started the journey of finding love that is true and is in the air. Love or finding love has been such a common theme of our novels, songs, movies, poems that it may be difficult to […]

Overcoming the pain of lost love

Art has no greater inspiration than lost love. The greatest pieces of literature, films, poetry and drama have been created by the tragedy of lost love. The Taj Mahal built by Shah Jahaan in memory of his lost love, wife Mumtaz Mahal , The Eleanor Crosses in England erected by a disconsolate King Edward I […]

How to get over a Breakup?

Love has never been a bed of roses for anyone out there. Love hurts, and the pain may reduce but the scars seem to stay forever. Many who fall in love seem to be unaware of the fact that love hurts. However, reality cannot be sidetracked, many people who think that have found true love […]