Overcoming the pain of lost love

Art has no greater inspiration than lost love. The greatest pieces of literature, films, poetry and drama have been created by the tragedy of lost love. The Taj Mahal built by Shah Jahaan in memory of his lost love, wife Mumtaz Mahal , The Eleanor Crosses in England erected by a disconsolate King Edward I in memory of the love of his life Queen Eleanor – all great monuments to love; love that was cherished and love that was lost. Why lost love is so deeply commemorated is because it is the most painful and the most impactful of all the tragedies that can befall a man. However romanticized then notion of lost love is, I’m sure you will agree that none of us want to remain in its clutches for too long. So for those who are battling to overcome the pain of lost love, here is some help.

Love can be lost in many ways. You may lose your beloved one in death, or you may have a break up and lose the person you dearly loved. Whichever one of these situations you may be in, I sympathize and earnestly help that this information will soothe your pain and get you back on your feet.

Losing your loved one in death

This can be excruciatingly painful, especially if you have had a happy fulfilling life with the love of your life. To lose someone to the seemingly irrevocable pangs of death can be torturous. People lose their sanity over their grief; Romeo gave up his life over Juliet’s death you might say. But there are so many many others who have made it through; who have not allowed their grief to break them, but who have carried the memory of their lost love and survived. That can and should be you! So talk to such survivors, read about them and be motivated by them.

A painful breakup

To know that you are meant to be with this person and are meant to spend your entire life with this person, and then to see it all crashing down can be a pain beyond bearing. A breakup, a divorce or anything that can break the bond of love is horrid. But many of us do see this loss. It becomes especially hard if you still love them, but they don’t love you in return. The important thing is to bear the loss with dignity. A lost love can never be regained maybe, but you never know when a new love may come knocking on your door. So stay optimistic. You may need to grieve but don’t cocoon yourself off from the rest of the world. It may not seem true at this time but believe me it is NOT the end of the world. Life will go one and love will have to as well.

What if the person you once loved is right with you but the love that you’ll had for each other might be long lost? Well, that’s another topic for another day. For now, all those with a lost love take comfort. Know that there are many others who are fighting the same battle and overcoming it every day. Please do share your stories with me; I would love to hear from you.

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