Yoga classes of beginners for Stress Reduction

Yoga has been used for centuries in all parts of the world as a way to reduce stress and increase strength.  There are different types of yoga, which use different yoga poses in order to balance yourself and increase the level of calmness and peace within the system. Why Yoga classes of beginners? Yoga originated in […]

Hot Yoga Weight loss- The Best Way to Burn Calories

Though yoga is widely known as a stress buster, it offers many other health benefits. One of the most significant being that it can burn bad fat in our body and thus aid in weight loss.There are many websites available on the internet with hot yoga weight loss videos online which provide some guidance on […]

My Favorite Pose of Shanti Yoga

The word “Shanti” means peace. Everyone knows that yoga is a popular stress bursting technique.  Our mind and body are interconnected, and when we feel anxiety, stress or depression, our physical health also gets affected. Practicing shanti yoga is very good in order to bring balance with the mind and body. Yoga has various forms, […]