I Survived COVID-19

Monday Blues may not necessarily dampen spirits on resumption of new work days alone. Not in my case at least. Although with no work to look forward to thanks to the nation-wide lockdown, it’s yet a low-spirited and bleak Monday with restrictions on movement (partially even within my society precincts) and on just about everything […]

10 Commandments for healthy living

Life can be a bed of roses if you could make it a point to adhere to some simple yet valuable commandments it has ordained you to do or desist from. What allows us to walk with our heads held high and with confidence bursting at its seams is only a fit mind accompanied by […]

Why You Need Wellness Programs at the Workplace

When it comes to your employees, they either think of you as a democratic leader or a not-so democratic one. Whether you are a loving leader or a ruthless tyrant, now would be a good time to understand the importance of wellness jobs and the importance of happy employees in the workplace. I’ve worked in […]

Well Being Is More Tangible Than You Think

I have tackled the idea of well being so often that the idea of well being coaching certainly gets confusing at times. Since each one of you are different people with your unique history, emotional background and a whole lot of other stuff, I am certainly not going to preach each one of you to […]

Mental Exercise for Well Being

When I speak of mental exercises, I certainly don’t mean to give the impression of a spiritual guru helping you find your connection with the Almighty. Any wellness program usually starts in the mind, and this is just where mental exercise comes into the picture. I would like to share some wellness coaching tips with […]