Mental Exercise for Well Being

When I speak of mental exercises, I certainly don’t mean to give the impression of a spiritual guru helping you find your connection with the Almighty. Any wellness program usually starts in the mind, and this is just where mental exercise comes into the picture. I would like to share some wellness coaching tips with you that will put your mind on the right track at the very least. Sure, there are other aspects to wellness such as the connection between nutrition and wellness but this post is going to be entirely about the psychological aspects of a wellness program.

– Hearing the words “think positive” make most of us cringe with frustration for the simple reason that this is perhaps the most overused advice given. You would have surely heard it from any wellness coach at least once. However, since we are not talking underground bands here, the popularity of the idea shares no inverse relation with how true it is. Thinking positive is not the end of your efforts towards well being of any kind, but it certainly acts as an entry pass.

– Finding inspiration is just as important as thinking positively. You can only think positive for as long as you have the drive to do the same. Motivation and drive cannot be conjured up from thin air. You need to find something that promises to be a driving force in your life, and this is the key to any wellness program – finding your muse or source of inspiration for life.

– Your happiness comes first. So make sure you do things that make you happy for as long as possible. Now, don’t jump the gun and assume that you need to be selfish to be happy. It is always possible to strike the right balance and find your own happiness while helping others find theirs. Obvious advice as this may sound like; many of us forget to be happy in the every-day grind of surviving and making a living.

– Be nice to others. Seems like something straight out of the Ten Commandments? Well, these pieces of advice find their way into religious texts for a reason. Being nice to others may not be the easiest thing to do in current times, but it never has been. However, wellness coaching is all about helping people feel happy and light and being nice to others may just help you achieve the same.

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