Why do I Read Peace Poems?

I had gone through so many years in my life without understanding the value of inner peace. Like any other person living in this world, my life had its share of challenges and problems. I came to believe that the only people who do not need to struggle in their everyday life and have achieved […]

Ways to Achieve Mental Peace and Happiness in Life

In my busy routine every day, I totally forget about my mental peace and happiness. This has caused a negative impact on my physical health. Hence I am now focused on doing some regular exercises that can bring my mental peace back. Here are a couple of things that I practice for my mental peace. […]

Importance of Peace and Harmony in Daily Life

Everyone has to understand the power of peace and harmony, art of living and tranquility in their life one day or the other. I too recognized that ego, guilt and shame are the things that can prevent an individual from attaining mental peace. These feelings can be nurtured by you or may be a result […]