Why do I Read Peace Poems?

I had gone through so many years in my life without understanding the value of inner peace. Like any other person living in this world, my life had its share of challenges and problems.

I came to believe that the only people who do not need to struggle in their everyday life and have achieved inner peace are the saints. However, when I got a chance to read my first few peace poems, my opinion on the subject changed completely.

Importance of inner peace

Why do I Read Peace Poems

I read peace poems from time to time. Each time I read a poem or a quote on peace, I realize how important peace is in one’s life. And now all that I have to say to all my family and friends, “organize your mind, organize your life”.

I wish everyone in the world should try to attain inner peace that will make their life worthwhile and happy.

On reading peace poems, I understood that peace comes from within, and I can’t seek it outside. Peace is one thing that has many advantages in one’s life.

Now I am able to stay calm and unruffled in whatever problems I have. I have attained real inner peace, so that I do not get overly affected by any difficult situation I may face in life. I believe in what Mahatma Gandhi said, “Nobody can hurt me without my permission”.

Effects of mental peace

Mental peace not only makes me feel relaxed, but also helps improve my physical appearance as well. I realized that the posture of my soul should be perfect if I want a perfect physical posture.

Peace has created gracefulness in me, which enriches the beauty of my physic. I would vouch for the fact that if you “organize your life” you will be able to achieve inner peace and good physical health.

While reading peace poems, I understood, that to gain inner peace we need to have peace of mind. When I came to know this, I started to forgive and forget other people’s follies. I started to control my temper and stop being bitter. I began to simplify my life.

When I started to search for mental peace, I realized that happiness can’t be obtained from the luxurious things offered in this world. The only way to achieve happiness is to attain inner peace.

If you have any favorite poems on peace, or would like to share your thoughts on the subject, please feel free to leave your comments below.

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