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ToWellBeing is a blog for people interested in personal development and overall wellbeing. It is a place where anyone from around the globe can share their personal  stories, offer helpful tips or anything they have learnt from real life experiences. And for guest posting – it is one of the most interesting guest blogging sites on personal development.

So, if you can write your thoughts on personal development and general wellbeing why not send them to this blog? To know what kind of topics you can write on, you can explore the various categories and sub-categories that are covered here and even stray a little further if you like, as long as they are relevant to the theme of this blog.

Writing for this blog will help your blog in gaining some exposure along with an increase in traffic and subscribers. Every post will include a bio with a link back to your blog or website and the author’s headshot (optional).

Submission Guidelines


  • Provide original and 100% unique content only. Your post should not be found anywhere else on the web or in print and cannot be re-published once it is posted here, including your own personal blog. You may, however, link to it from your blog and share it on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumpleupon and Pinterest. Once posted on this blog, you agree to transfer all rights of the article and images/photos, if any, to me.
  • Edit your post carefully. Before submitting, check your post and correct any grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. I reserve the right to edit your post, if required, in minor cases. In case I feel that the style, tone and relevance do not match my blog, I will contact you to let you know where the changes need to be implemented.
  • Style, format and word count. I encourage you to use the H tags (H1, H2, etc.)  in your article  title and subheadings along with bulleted/unordered lists for a positive user experience and fluent readability. Submit your article in HTML or as a Word document in your email as an attachment. Your post can be anywhere between 600 and 1200 words.
  • Include images and photos. If possible, provide suitable images or photos relating to your post that you have permission to use along with it’s due attribution. Images should be in .jpg or .png format and not larger than 600 pixels in width. If you cannot provide the images I’ll accompany the post with my own which I find appropriate.
  • Must reply to comments. Whenever someone comments on your post, you will need to read and answer the comment. Responding to comments lends credibility to the author and the blog.
  •  Posts should not be self-promotional. Your article should not carry any affiliate links or in any way try to promote a product, brand or company.
  • Include your bio. Tell your readers something about yourself in not more than fifty words, which will appear at the end of your post along with a link to your blog. You may optionally also send along a 100 x 100 headshot to be included within your bio.

Submissions will be reviewed, edited, published or rejected at my sole discretion only. The process usually will take about 2-3 weeks. You will receive a confirmation email once your post is published. Check your spam/thrash folders in your email account if you do not see it in your inbox.

If you do not receive my email within a maximum period of 21 days, then you can safely assume that you have not adhered to one or more of the submission guidelines mentioned above.  In such a situation, you may restructure your article in accordance with the aforementioned guidelines and resend them for a second, and final,  review.

Please  send your guest post to blog [at] towellbeing [dot] com

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