Knowing our family roots – how and why

Family roots, or where we have come from, is an interesting topic for some. Ask a spiritual man and he would say “dust” or “Adam and Eve”. However, if you are looking to trace your family roots to know your lineage you may not want to go that back in history. In ancient time, there […]

Happy Blended Families are Possible! HOW?

Blended families surely sounds cool; given the fact that they are also called stepfamilies. Though the word blended families may seem to be the best way of tackling the negativity the word step-family conveys, it surely may not help to deal with the problems that such families have to face. There were times when the […]

Family values for the perfect families

Family values; the words themselves may sound old school. However, we know that our elders cherished it, and they want us to uphold it, as well. When it comes to family values, different people tend to have different opinions about it based on whether they have one as a family or not. Though considered to […]