Family values for the perfect families

Family values; the words themselves may sound old school. However, we know that our elders cherished it, and they want us to uphold it, as well.

When it comes to family values, different people tend to have different opinions about it based on whether they have one as a family or not. Though considered to be an age-old tradition, family values are handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth and also in some cases written down as a family code of conduct.

Family valuesWell, how many of these family values are valued by our younger generation depends more on how these values are inculcated in them and are followed by the older generation, as well. The saying “action speaks louder than words” surely is true when it comes to upholding family values.

What are family values?

As I mentioned earlier, it is sort of the family code of conduct or belief that influences and governs the life and actions of individual family members. Considered to be a legacy or heritage that is passed on from generation to generation that sets the family apart from others in the society.

Upholding family values were the prime focus of family heads in the past and still many families believe and continue to do the same. Family values cannot be defined to be a set list of rules to be followed, but is something that is a virtue that protects the family’s image and is handed down by the older generation to the younger generation.

What are the advantages of family values?

To understand how family values are beneficial, we should know what is included in family values. Generosity, honesty, forgiveness, sense of belonging, respect, communication, unity and so on are considered to be some common family values.

Now, this is clearly an impressive list of values that are not only worth teaching, but also worth displaying oneself. Having families, and individuals upholding and following such values contribute to the betterment of the society and create strong family ties.

Family values thus not only help families and individuals but also play an important role in developing a healthy society to live in.

So in conclusion, I would like to quote Benjamin Todd Jealous who said, “let us nurture the practice of family values, by embracing policies that value families”.

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