The evolution of religion

What exactly is religion? Apart from the divinity associated with the concept, it is a way of life followed by a large number of people all over the world. Since time immemorial, humans have lived in groups in order to secure their existence. This basic necessity to stick together in order to survive in a […]

Religion in America: A new perspective

Religion can be defined as a faith that binds a group of people together. The history of religion in America dates back to the days when Christopher Columbus first set foot on the American soil. Since then the United States has stood witness to the development of various religions with the passage of time. Though […]

How is religion related to wellbeing

Living a happy life is not only about earning money and spending it as you like. Those who have enough to spend soon realize the fact that mere worldly possessions are not enough to satiate the spiritual thirst. This is where religion gains importance. Different Religions Religion can be roughly defined as a set of […]