The evolution of religion

What exactly is religion? Apart from the divinity associated with the concept, it is a way of life followed by a large number of people all over the world.

Since time immemorial, humans have lived in groups in order to secure their existence. This basic necessity to stick together in order to survive in a seemingly unforgiving land gave rise to the idea of religion.

Religions differ from each other

Evolution of religionDifferent groups of people formed in different parts of the world at the same time but their priorities, practices, and preferences were different. This is why religions differ from each other in almost every aspect.

Be it the ancient Indian religion of Hinduism or be it a more modern approach and politically termed idea or the Obama religion, religion has always been defined as certain principles that bind a group of people together.

Religion is actually related to the wellbeing of people. Humans form rules and set guidelines to keep out of harm’s way. Religion teaches us how to stick to the basic principles of life and continue on the path of virtue without taking a wrong turn.

It is not only about idol worship, not only about praying to God, but also about teaching the next generation how to uphold the core values of human life.

The ancient Greek religion taught the world the concept of democracy, the religion in ancient Egypt gave rise to one of the most extensive human civilizations in the history of the world. The teachings that have been imparted by various leaders from time to time are still our guiding star.

The Essence of Religion

Those who think that religion is nothing but a sedative used to keep people accustomed to an unsparing lifestyle sound deep in their expression but they are empty in substance. The truth is that a religion binds people together for the greater good.

It can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life  if followed properly, and if it is kept clean of corruption and politics. It is needless to mention that, in religion there is no room for violence. All the bloodshed that is carried out in the name of religion is nothing but a clear manifestation of the frustration of those who have tried for long to take people in the devil’s path, but have not yet succeeded.

I would appreciate if you post your comments on this blog and let me know your views on religion.

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