Religion in America: A new perspective

Religion can be defined as a faith that binds a group of people together. The history of religion in America dates back to the days when Christopher Columbus first set foot on the American soil. Since then the United States has stood witness to the development of various religions with the passage of time.

Though Christianity is the dominant religion in the country, America has from time to time embraced different religions. Being essentially a secular country it has always valued different beliefs and faiths and has always tried to incorporate all the good aspects of each and every religion.

ReligionReligion in America is freer than anywhere else on earth. Anyone can practice any religion as long as it propagates non-violent means. The prosperity of the American economy has made it possible for people there to invest more and more time in nurturing and promoting their religion.

Obama Religion

In the United States religion is no more a set of rules governed by the laws of divinity. It has, in fact, transcended into a much larger meaning— the greater good of human life. A new term has been coined to define the emerging practices in the American society and economy— Obama religion.

Barrack Obama was elected as the 44th president of the United States in the year 2009 and since then his popularity has increased drastically, which is quite evident in his re-election as the president of the United States.

His policies have come to be known as Obama religion; a term coined by his critics and affiliates. Though there is no divinity associated with it, President Obama’s policies are no less in impact than a religion itself.

Over the last few years, his policies have managed to make life of US citizens a lot easier than before. Employment rate has increased, and unemployment level has fallen drastically. President Obama has been able to implement pro-people policies in the best possible way. This is why his policies are now compared to a religion that binds people together and allows them to live a happy life.

Like the ancient Greek religion that taught equality to the world, democracy is the new religion in the United States. Right from freedom of speech to protection of the fundamental rights of the people, the US government has shown its caliber in each and every aspect.

Please comment on this blog to let me know your take on this different perspective of a new American religion.

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