Tips on becoming your own life coach

Life coaching is becoming increasingly popular and it seems as though all celebrities and high caliber business people have their own life coaches. A life coach is basically someone who helps us organize and manage all areas of our lives and improve on those that need improvement.

They guide us through the process of transforming our lives into their best versions. It is indeed the kind of help we can all benefit from. Life coaches can be expensive though, and most people are left to their own devices.

Becoming your own life coach can be difficult, but once you learn the proper skills you are armed for success. There is no stopping you after you get started, which is often the hardest part. Let us see just how hard can it get.

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Photo by Celestine Chua

Learn From the Masters

The field of life coaching has seen great expansion over the last decade and there are a lot of resources you can find available. They can be either in the forms of books, CDs, DVDS or they can be online resources.

There are many free webinars where you can tune in daily and listen to coaching sessions given by some of the most renowned coaches of today. There are self-development internet radio stations like Hay House Radio and Puja Network where you can also learn a lot.

Most coaches offer some free audio recordings, You Tube videos and e-books on their websites, so feel free to check out the greats like Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson, Emmanuel Dagher and Iyanla Vanzant, to name just a few.

All of these greats combine a vast knowledge of human behavioural psychology with a deep understanding of life. The latter comes later, but let us take a look at the first term and what it means.

What is Cognitive Behavioural Psychology?

Cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT, as well as REBT (Rational emotional behavioural therapy) are big parts of a skillset of any life coach. Just to make clear, becoming a life coach does not mean becoming a therapist. Coaches teach you how to manage your thoughts and emotional responses to them.

A lot of it revolves around managing your thinking patterns and getting rid of irrational beliefs, being in charge of your emotions and being able to think in a clear, rational way, unclouded by fears.

It might take some time and management to get the CBT skills down, but once you do, your life will be changed for the better forever. How can we better organize ourselves to achieve this desired goal?

Improve Your Management Skills

In order to gain better control of your life, you need to be able to manage it well. You have to acquire certain skills, such as stress management, time management and self-management.

Stress management techniques will take the pressure off of you and let your central nervous system and your brain deal with issues in the most effective way without the useless waste of energy.

Self-management and time management will teach you how to schedule your day in the most effective way, how to manage your chores and tasks and how to create healthy stable routines regarding your eating, sleeping and workout habits.

Set Goals

Goal setting is a major part of life coaching. It is advisable to set small achievable goals that build up towards bigger goals. We should have them written down in our journal or our vision board and have the steps towards achieving them drafted out.

We should also set up a reward and punishment mechanism that we will apply for working on our goals or procrastinating. We should discipline ourselves into constantly working on our goals, even if it is a lot of work we do not feel like doing right now.

Becoming your own life coach will require you to be honest with yourself first and foremost, and then to commit to bringing about positive changes in your life. It will not always be easy, you will have setbacks, but keep going no matter what because you deserve the best possible life, and you CAN create it for yourself.

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