Importance of Socialization

Socializing is a very important facet of life for everyone right from small kids to elderly people. Associating with people of the same age group helps in learning many things.

For adults, social skills are important to be a part of the society. These skills help us to interact and communicate with each other. The interaction can be verbal, non-verbal, through body language, gestures and personal experience.

It may be easy for a person to share his views and thoughts with a group of friends, but the same person may find it difficult to form such a group in the workplace.

Social cohesion

Social cohesion is important in the workplace as it helps the members to remain together and work as a team to achieve the goal of the organization. In the workplace, all employees share a common goal which develops interdependency within the group.

 The cohesion needs to be strong to hold the members of the group together. Understanding the importance of social cohesion is crucial in bringing people together in the group and makes them work in harmony to achieve one common goal. Research shows that smaller the group, better the cohesion.

How to stay connected in a group

Importance of Socialization

Having discussed social cohesion in workplace, it is important to discuss how to stay connected in a group. Social interaction is important for every individual, as it helps to stay healthy as well as to feel supported.

Many people find it difficult to be connected. It becomes simple if you have an open mind to accept others feelings and ideas and to share your views without any inhibition.

If you are not in a group, take an initiative to form a group of your own, like a walking group or joining a fitness center to interact with people. Organize social gatherings like playing together or watching a movie together. This will make you feel energized and positive.

Spend time with your friends, and at the same time make new friends. Frankly, I have only a few, but all are truly trust-worthy.  Spending time with your friends will help in making the relationship deeper and more meaningful.

Online communities

In this fast paced world, many people feel pressed for time. For these people, there are many online communities and websites that are particularly designed for social interaction.

When you are in an online community, interact with like-minded people and feel free to discuss your concerns. Encourage more people to get into the social interaction community. It can be based on anything, like a health community, a sports community and many more.

How important do you think socializing is and what was your way of achieving that goal?

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