Motivation Theory for Success

I always wonder what things motivate me? Am I self-motivated? There are some factors that make me, or rather every individual on this planet, work with enthusiasm.

Have you ever got an opportunity to learn how an athlete achieved his or her victory? Focus is always the key factor for winning the game. Though there is a lot of motivation theory available, there are three basic ones that take you to success.

  • Vision – The driving force

  • Planning – Action steps

  • Success – Defining goal

Remain focused

Motivation Theory for Success

It is easy to plan for an island beach vacation and stay focused in getting things organized for it. But when it comes to organization, you need to have the same focus and enthusiasm in getting the work done.

So it is very clear that it is the subject that makes the whole lot of difference when it comes to vision. Motivational techniques help you remain focused on your vision and help in achieving the ultimate goal.

It is not enough if you have the motivation. As an individual you should learn to motivate employees in the most positive way. In an organization, it is not enough if the manager and the CEO are focused. Every employee should be focused in achieving the vision.

Give your employees the image of success and what it means to attain this vision by being focused. This is called motivational skill of visualization. The visualization of success will motivate employees who lack self motivation.

Your goal

The visualization of success will motivate you in defining the goal. Lack of motivation is a common phenomenon in organizations. It can be handled easily with effective motivation theory.

Make use of all your senses and move towards a business goal. Keep talking to your employees about the business goal and how it can be achieved with their efforts.

Try to give your employees an intense imagery of success. For instance, envision your organization as number one. Just the thought of it being number one will give you the excitement. When your senses start experiencing the success, it shows clearly that you are moving towards your goal.

It is essential to be specific in defining your goal. Have more details in your vision, this will help you and your group to achieve the goal.

Employee motivation dramatically increases when the goal is defined and is put into action. Make sure to give importance to little tasks on the way to success. Go ahead, with proper vision and planning. I am sure success won’t be very far.

So what is your mantra for success? Feel free to give your comments which will help the followers of this blog get more motivated.

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