Proper nutrition is a must for your children

Have you ever thought why your child is not performing up to the mark in his school career? He may give his best performance at video games while not academics while she cannot write a proper report except for text messaging. Well do not always blame it on their concentration. If I say that the […]

Nutrition Tips for Good Health

Good nutrition has been linked to the prevention of cancer, heart diseases and immune function, among other things.  This is why it’s best not to simply put food in your mouth without looking at the nutrition data and nutrition facts that will tell you what to eat for better health. Some people pay close attention […]

Nutrition and Obesity

Are you gaining weight? Are your old dresses not fitting you anymore? The main reason for this is obesity. When you intake more calories than your body can burn then it gets converted into fats, as a result you put on unwanted weight and become obese. Usually obesity is linked with genetics. But genetics and […]

A suitable fitness challenge ideas to a healthy life

Every people around you or your well-wishers be it your parents or teachers always emphasize the importance of having a good diet. Our hectic modern life has made junk food a staple diet for most of us out there. However, if you wish to live a healthy life then you should follow the fitness challenge […]