Importance of a healthy marriage

Marriage is one such topic that can bring a wide smile on a soon to be a married individual. This is largely because marriage is associated with happiness and prosperity. But in order to have a happy married life a healthy marriage bond is essential. Though the definition of a healthy marriage, may vary from […]

Happily married: A key to happy life

Someone once said, “Life is not a bed of roses”. How accurate this statement has proved to be from time to time? To live through the ups and downs of one’s life, it is important that one learns to cope with these situations. This is why having a partner by your side throughout your life […]

Advantages of online marriage counseling

Marriage is undoubtedly is the most important phase in an individuals life. It marks a beginning of something special and lifelong. You marriage brings along with it a lot of changes, some good surprises and some challenging situations. So there is no room for taking marriage lightly even if the event may be filled with […]