Importance of a healthy marriage

Marriage is one such topic that can bring a wide smile on a soon to be a married individual. This is largely because marriage is associated with happiness and prosperity. But in order to have a happy married life a healthy marriage bond is essential. Though the definition of a healthy marriage, may vary from one person to another. To me, all that matters is the mutual understanding between life partners and their willingness to be with each other for the rest of their life. It is needless to mention that a healthy marriage is important for a happy life. It has been seen that those who are happily married live a healthier and happier life than those who have marital problems.

There is a common notion that arrange marriages end in a happier life more than love marriages. This concept, however, is a bit controversial one. It is easy to conclude that as arrange marriages have better scope for the involvement of both the families, they are, therefore, more effective when it comes to long lasting relationships. It certainly does not mean that love marriages end in sorrow. As I told earlier, the most decisive factor in married life is mutual love and respect and, so it is quite obvious that both you and your life partner need to have an affectionate feeling towards each other.

Strong bond with your partner would not only increase your confidence but will also allow you to shoulder your responsibilities effectively to a large extent. However, it is one of your duties to give time to your family so that your life partner never feels neglected. Take a break from your job and spend a few days with your family away from the monotony of daily life, dine outside with your partner at least once a week, abide by the marriage tips offered by marriage counselors.

Living a happily married life requires the participation of both the partners. If you think that you can escape from your responsibilities and can still expect to have a successful marriage relationship, you are bound to be disappointed. If you have to live a happy life, you have to try your best to make your marriage a success.

Please feel free to post your comments on this blog and let me know your take on marriage.

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