Interesting Recipes For Dinner

Food is definitely something the whole world is interested in. Simply put, food is a huge part of our everyday lives. As breakfast is important with its ability to kick-start the day and lunch as an opportunity to take a break to re-fuel and re-focus the mind, similarly, dinner has a number of essential functions.

Dinner tableA day’s hard work gets rewarded with a tasty dinner. While it is not always possible to go for time-consuming and elaborate dinner recipes, it also becomes taxing to have a boring dinner. Thus recipes for dinner should ideally be simple but interesting. I always indulge in quick easy recipes to make dinner easy and tasty. I can always be in the list of favorites of my family by serving smart food to them.

I often make different interesting recipes for dinner. These are out of the quick easy recipes that I often make. Let me share one with you.

Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza is one of the quick easy recipes that takes less than 25 minutes to cook.

This recipe is not for the die-hard health conscious person, as I would frankly not recommend a pizza healthy, no matter how you make it. But I do pamper myself once in a while. So go ahead if you too are in the mood to satisfy your taste buds.

Chicken Caesar Salad PizzaThe ingredients are:

  • chicken tenders of about 3/4 pound

  • dressing for Caesar salad around ½ cup

  • a 12-inch thin pizza crust (I prefer wheat based for obvious health reasons)

  • mozzarella shredded in quantities of around 1 3/4 cups and cheese, preferably Asiago cheese.

  • quarter cup of Parmesan that is shredded 

Get the grill ready so that you can directly cook at medium heat. When you are just about to cook, oil the grate.

Make a combination of chicken tenders with half a cup of salad dressing in a bowl and set it aside. Then brush the pizza crust with 2 tablespoons of dressing that remain and top with cheeses and again set it aside.

Next comes the turn to take out the chicken from the soak. After that, continue to cook on a heated grill that is already oiled. Cook it around for 3 or 4 minutes roughly on each side or till it gets done. Then extract it from the grill and keep it on pizza top.

Next, glide the pizza on top of the grill and begin cooking, keeping it covered for around 8 to 10 minutes. If not still done, wait till the cheese melts or till it begins bubbling.

Ingredients for the salad toppings are:

4 cups shredded hearts of romaine,

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1/4 cup Caesar salad dressing

1/4 cup shredded Parmesan

1 cup seasoned croutons

While you are cooking the pizza, simultaneously mix lemon juice  and shredded romaine and also add a quarter cup dressing and another quarter cup Parmesan. Keep it aside after tossing it. Once you takeout the pizza from your grill, cut it and serve with the toppings.

There can be many such recipes for dinner, which are easy to cook and tasty, as well. Depending upon your taste and also the constitution of your body, you need to decide on the quick easy recipes.

I have seen that quick easy recipes that suit my family’s health and taste have been hit with them. These save a lot of time and also gives me a breather.

Do you have any quick and easy dinner recipe to share with us? Tell us about it.

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