Nutrition Tips for Good Health

Good nutrition has been linked to the prevention of cancer, heart diseases and immune function, among other things.  This is why it’s best not to simply put food in your mouth without looking at the nutrition data and nutrition facts that will tell you what to eat for better health.

Some people pay close attention to nutrition because they’re trying to lose weight.  In such cases, a nutrition calculator or nutrition software can ring up your calories, keep track of your weight and provide you with things like the amount of carbs you’re eating and the protein in the diet.

So what is optimum nutrition? In many ways, it depends on your metabolism and weight.  Ideally, your body mass index should be between 19 and 25.  The body mass index or BMI is calculated by determining your (weight in pounds divided by your height in inches squared) x 703.  A BMI greater than thirty means you’re obese and you could use the help of nutrition facts to determine the optimum nutrition for good health and lower weight.

Optimum Nutrition for various Groups

Children have special nutritional needs and a nutritional calculator for your child would look different from yours.  It would depend on the weight and age of the child. Optimum nutrition is different for a toddler when compared to a school age child.  Sometimes nutrition software can give the nutrition facts for each age group and can electronically determine the food intake.

Pregnant women need special nutrition facts.  For example, they need more folic acid in their diet when compared to a non-pregnant woman.  Sometimes the differences in nutrition can be made up using multivitamins although some women prefer to get all their pregnancy-related nutrition through a healthy diet.

Men have special nutritional needs, often needing more protein and amino acids than women.  Nutrition software can be programmed for men and for each man’s particular weight.  The optimum BMI for men is the same for women at 19-25.  Most men are leaner than women; however, obesity is increasing in men as well as women.

The elderly work under a set of nutrition facts all their own.  For example, Calcium and vitamin D are necessary for strong bones and the prevention of fractures.  Many elderly do not have access to a nutrition calculator or to nutrition software, but a nutritionist can use these tools to get the elderly person on the right track as far as optimum nutrition.

Understanding good nutrition depends on learning the FDA food chart that lists the basic amounts of protein in the form of meat, vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy and fats.  Specific foods and their nutritional content can be found in books or using nutrition software, which can easily determine the nutritional content for certain weights or volumes of food.  You can keep track of the data and can see where you’re headed in the right direction and where you need to alter your intake.

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