Motivational Techniques That Are Effective

Learning motivational techniques that are effective will take you a long way. It will just not hone your organizational skills but will help you to be an effective leader.

There are different ways of motivation, and learning this will not only help managers, sports coaches and CEOs, but each one of us as individuals. Motivation is looked at as the best way to influence a person in a positive way to work towards a goal.

I am a person who works with commitment and execute my work in the best possible way when I am motivated. I am sure this not only applies to me but for most individuals.

Motivational techniques are of different types. Learn those techniques that help to achieve your goal.

Set a goal

Motivational Techniques That Are EffectiveThe first step in this is to set a goal for yourself as an individual and for your team if you head a team. This will help in narrowing down the techniques and apply only those that are practical.

Reading about or learning motivation theory is not just enough, you should know how to apply them.

Let us take the common goal of weight loss. According to me, only a few people achieve weight loss as per their goal while others do not, just because they are not motivated in a positive way.

Reward is the key

Are you a person who is attempting to get healthier? Then the most effective motivation theory that you can apply for weight loss is rewarding yourself.

Set a definite goal and break it into simple steps. Start working on it with a sense of accomplishment. For instance, start with half an hour of work out every day, and if you accomplish it, reward yourself. The treat can be anything from watching a movie, reading your favorite book or anything of your choice.

How motivational techniques work for organizations? There are set rules when it comes to employee motivation, but my sincere advice is, do not get stuck to set rules.

Learn to motivate employees. Think out of the box. Just plan for an out-of-town trip with your employee’s families or surprise your employees by giving them a small gift.

Developing a good rapport with employees is very important and instead of being a leader, most of the times try to be one among them. Appreciate the good work done and keep encouraging them to do their best.

What motivational techniques do you follow? Please feel free to post your comments below.

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