Knowing our family roots – how and why

Family roots, or where we have come from, is an interesting topic for some. Ask a spiritual man and he would say “dust” or “Adam and Eve”. However, if you are looking to trace your family roots to know your lineage you may not want to go that back in history.

In ancient time, there was a record of family lineage maintained that would help find your family roots. Not so sure if the tradition continues, it might still not be difficult if you decide to find the roots of your family tree.

Family tree

Where to begin?

If you are planning to make a family tree and want to get to your family roots, it is always best to start with the person close to the ground. Oh sorry! I meant the oldest member of the family.

You can talk to this person to find out what he or she remembers about his/her predecessors. It is best to prepare a questionnaire that can be asked or handed over to be written where possible.

Starting from the oldest, go on handing over the questionnaire to all the people you would like to know from about your family roots. Try and collect pictures if possible from them, because they will help you in making a good family tree.

You may yourself want to check some old family photo albums and ask about people whom you may want to know more about.

What should be in the questionnaire?

Preparing a questionnaire to find your family roots can be a tough task. However, it is good to keep it simple and short.

There are two reasons for it. First, your interest in knowing the family roots may not be boring and a waste of time to those family members, who may have to answer your questions. So if you keep it simple and short they may just do it as a fun exercise. Secondly, you do not want to get crowded with too much information that may actually be of no use in tracing your family roots or cannot be a part of your family tree.

Search the internet for suggestions on how to prepare a questionnaire, and you will surely find some good ones.

Properly recording and maintaining the data collected is very important for the success of your assignment of finding your family roots. If you are going to talk to someone, make sure you record it or at least write it down so that you do not miss out on anything.

If you are going to get a questionnaire filled, see that you have got all the information filled that you need and file the questionnaire carefully.

Once you have all the data regarding your family roots, it is time to start working on the family tree. The internet will be a good place to find ideas for a family tree, and if needed, take help from someone who has done it before.

Pictures are very important for a family tree, so ensure you collect enough while digging for your family roots.

If you have a family tree tell us how you went about constructing it. It will be of great help for those who are planning to build one of their own.

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