The Journey called Finding love

When John Paul Young sang that famous song “Love is in the air” there were many out there who started the journey of finding love that is true and is in the air. Love or finding love has been such a common theme of our novels, songs, movies, poems that it may be difficult to contemplate anything else that could be so effective and motivating than finding love. If you are at that point in your life that you feel ready to go on a voyage of finding love, then gear up, I am going to share some tips that will help you successfully navigate your way to finding love.

Online Dating

We are living in a world of technology, so why not make good use of it when it comes to finding love. Yes, your voyage for finding love may not need you to build a boat, but might just need you to get online and get yourself enrolled in an online dating site. These sites help you connect to people whom you may seem interesting. You can have a glance at their pictures and portfolio to get a little idea about the person’s background. If you find it interesting, then you can go ahead and chat with the person and setup a date with that person to see of you have found the love of your life. A word of caution though, there are other online sites that intend on getting you laid so do not lose your focus of finding love and replace it with making love.

Dating Clubs

 These dating clubs have been there for quite some years now. These clubs aim to help single and ready to mingle people meet each other, helping them in their quest of finding love. It is easy to get enrolled in these clubs, who host regular blind dates and parties where single ones can meet up and find that person whom they would like to spend their life with. Dating clubs for senior citizens have also been a feature that has been widely successful in helping our patrons find love in the second innings of their life.

Real life Dating

The conventional way of finding love never gets outdated. If you find someone that you think is worth spending your life with. The go ahead and ask him or her out. If you are scared or shy take some help from your friends and relatives. You can also take some ideas from a Hollywood or Bollywood flick, not sure though how well they work, but it seems to be effective to get you started.

Finding love is not as difficult as finding Nemo. With a little effort and patience, true love is out there to be found. Believe me the rewards are worth waiting for, because true love is a journey of a lifetime.

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