Sleep Meditation Guide for Everyone

Meditation is a specific art form that can be meditation for beginners or meditation for experts in the field.  It involves focusing your mind on specific areas of the body to the exclusion of all else.Sleep Meditation guide involves lying on a bed or mat, breathing and focusing on the ins and outs of the breath.  It can also be more involved, such as guided meditation and transcendental meditation.

Meditation techniques can be taught to  anyone, who can then benefit by having improved health, calmer minds and increased ability to function when not meditating anymore.

Sleep Meditation Guide

Meditation chambers for Transcendental Meditation, at the old Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram, now in ruins, Muni Ki Reti. The Ashram got famous internationally with the arrival of The Beatles in Feb 1968, though was later shifted to Noida near Delhi in 1990s, when the present premises was abandoned. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sleep Meditation Guide for Beginners

Many people begin learning meditation techniques but few keep up the process.  There are several meditation techniques that are important for meditation for beginners. If practiced carefully, the beginner can make meditation a habit.

Some meditation techniques include breathing slowly and with purpose, focusing on the arms, the chest, the abdomen, the legs and the toes, respectively.  This is all done while breathing slowly and carefully.

Stretching is important in order to loosen muscles to allow you to lie or sit more comfortably while you meditate.  Make sure you know that meditation has a purpose and you need to know its purpose and fight feelings that meditation is just a frustrating act.

Transcendental meditation is a special type of meditation that uses a mantra or specific sound that is matched to breathing and motion.

The sound improves relaxation, enhances stress reduction and improves self-development.  In some circles, it carries religious undertones.

It was very popular in the 1960s when many people were taught the technique.  It is still popular, even after the death of its founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, in 2008.

Sleep meditation guide

Sleep meditation guide is also called guided imagery.  It is a delightful form of meditation that involves visualizing oneself in a soothing, fun location such as an isolated beach or a tropical rainforest.

You breathe slowly and carefully with attention paid to traveling in your imagined place.  As you see yourself in your chosen location, relaxed and refreshed, you begin to feel better about yourself, your breathing is less labored and the feeling persists even after you “wake up” from the guided meditation session.

Sleep Meditation Guide for Poor Health

People with acute or chronic illnesses especially respond to meditation techniques.

Meditation can help reduce pain, chronic or acute, and can increase wellbeing so that people with these types of illnesses can actually get better through meditation alone.

Meditation is often taught in hospitals and nursing facilities in order to help patients and residents find peace through meditation.  Healing can be improved and patients can feel rejuvenated simply through techniques involving steady breath and focus on the body or on a soothing location.

What forms of meditation do you like? Please shed some light for readers in the comments box below.

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