Different types of meditations you must know about

If you have decided to learn to meditate, it is time to learn the basics of this art. There are many different types of meditations advocated by various teachers and spiritual gurus. It is a good idea to understand relevant facts about all these types and choose one you are comfortable with.

Though there are myriads of meditation techniques, classified by hundreds of religions, cultures and followers of gurus, this art basically falls under three categories.

The grand Meditation Hall of the Burmese Buddh...

The grand Meditation Hall of the Burmese Buddhist Temple, Singapore. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Concentration of different types of Medication:

The first type of meditation is based on concentration. Here the person who is meditating picks on a particular object and concentrates on it to the exclusion of everything else.

This could be used as a first step to streamline and focus your thoughts on a single object and bring about discipline.

When the object of focus is your breath, the type of meditation is called Vipassana. By default, your mind will certainly wander away from the object of focus; this meditation is all about gently drawing back your mind to concentrate until the mind automatically quiets down.

The complete process must be carried out in a non-judgmental manner for quick results.

Insight of different types of Medication:

Insight or awareness of different types of meditation is the second category I am talking about. Also called mindfulness meditation, this type of meditation leads the person to a stage where he or she is aware of all activities, be it physical or mental.

This means, that every second of the day, you are aware of your thoughts and your actions. Initially, teachers ask you to be aware of the feelings you experience in your physical body. This awareness training helps us remain present to our physical and mental happenings.

If you have attended a meditation retreat that teaches mindfulness, you will know that, from the physical, participants are led to be aware of their thoughts through the day while ensuring that you remain in the present.

Visualization of different types of Medication:

Visualization is the third category, which encompasses many different meditation exercises. Most of these exercises help people visualize a particular scene repetitively.

Some of the common visualizations advocated by meditation teachers include getting purged of dark energy and being showered with light and getting cured of the disease.

Another visualization scenario is to send out loving energy consciously to people around you and gradually expanding the circle to include more people. This helps build a positive energy of love around you.

I find that the entire art of meditation and its techniques taught today can be classified under these three categories.

If you have anything more to contribute, you are free to post your comments.

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