Music and Mind

The word Music is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘muses’, which was considered to be the ninth Goddesses of art and science. Music is known to exist in every known culture,  with wide variations all throughout the world. Even the most isolated tribes known to mankind are known to have some form of music.

Music was present in the early ancestral population before human civilization spread across the world, carrying and diversifying the music on the way.

Existence of Music

Village musicians in Hyderabad singing and pla...

Village musicians in Hyderabad singing and playing a drum and string instrument. The latter is decorated with swastika and aum signs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Music is thought to have existed for at least 50,000 years ago. It is believed that the origin of music likely stems from naturally occurring sounds and rhythms. Human music may echo these phenomenally using patterns, repetition and tonality.  Music had been a part of the world’s civilizations for thousands of years.

Whether it’s ancient Indian music or Western classical music or music from the Middle East, it has been an integral part of their respective culture.

Healing power of music

Music is something that every person has his or her own specific opinion about. A reason for music to be so closely associated with man is perhaps because it is known to affect thoughts and emotions to a great extent.

It can be relaxing, energizing, soothing and many more. Music relaxes a stressed and troubled mind and relaxes the body. Music actually has also been known to have healing properties.

Music can be the solution or the catalyst to the solution if you wish it to be. Healing with music is one of the most effective and alternative therapy treatments.

Music has been shown to affect many aspects of the brain and emotions. Music can have an amazing effect in lowering blood pressure, reducing the need for anti-depressants, and even helping in improving cognitive functions, depression, anxiety etc.

I strongly recommend trying it out yourself. Why not experience the healing power of music and listen online music for relaxation?

Positive effects of Music

The kind of music required to relate oneself to a particular state of mind varies from person to person and music has evolved a lot over a period of time.

Every person has his or her own personal preferences when it comes to music. The availability of music in different types just add to the fact and also gives variety to its listeners.

Music is available in multiple genres and formats today, but the purpose of music is always been the same, to give individuals an emotional and psychological high and accumulate positive feelings to uplift the mood.

People also use music to express themselves, in ways it can’t be expressed through behavior and art. Man has always been drawn to music for this very reason.

I usually prefer to listen to music online or download mp3 music from the internet. Listening to music helps me feel nice, mellow, and relaxed.

Music online

In this time and age of technology, music is right at our fingertips, and it is virtually endless. Now we don’t need to go through the record store to find the music we need. We just have to turn on our computer and listen to music online or may be just download music online.

So how many of you like to listen music online, and how many download mp3 music? My readers are welcome to present their opinions and suggestions in the comments section of the blog.

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