Music Then and Now

The origin of music dates back to the earliest of civilizations. Whether vocal or instrumental, music can be viewed as a form of language or speech. Today, music which was considered to be local or culture based, has become international music with people from different parts of the world listening and enjoying it, thanks to latest innovations and technology.

 Since its beginning, music has travelled to every corner of the world, picking up the flavors and influences of wherever it has been. Music is everywhere, and we experience it every day in our life through songs, through television and  other media source. It has evolved and changed according to the times, from classical instrumentation to electronically amplified music to completely electronically produced music.


the tabla is a common drum used in classical I...

The tabla is a common drum used in classical Indian music. it is essential in Gurbani Keertan, Sikh religious music. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Whether you listen to music online or download mp3 music, it is being used as a tool for advertising and marketing by the media because music can cause the desired emotion and necessary mental state.

 Producing and distributing music was a hectic job to do. However, with the ever evolving technology we have all the music we need at our finger tips, just a few clicks away, which was a rare possibility a few years ago.


 During 17th and 18th century, only the privileged were able to visit auditoriums to listen to live arrangements by great composers like Beethoven, Mozart, Bach etc. Then we learned how to record and play sound and thus came the gramophones, vinyl discs. With more and more developments came the cassette tapes, compact discs and eventually the digitization of music.


 Now we can listen music online, buy music in digital form or just download mp3 music from the internet. I usually love to download music online. One generally needs to pay a small fee to download mp3 music legitimately.

 The music of today is extremely diverse as there are literally tens of genres and hundreds of sub-genres. While the basics are still a few like classical, jazz, blues, rock, Indian music etc. they all get intertwined and blended to form a music very different form its original version. Sometimes a pure electronically produced sound can draw influence from classical music while a very aggressive sounding heavy metal can be inspired by Indian music.

 With the increasing population and their varying mindset, musical taste is bound to be diverse too. In our times technology has changed a lot, making it possible for us to enjoy different types of music like rock, jazz etc . Music can have a great influence on our minds and thoughts. It can also play an important role in relaxing our mind and body and also motivate us.

 Every day, I listen to different singers online and enjoy the relaxing music that soothes my soul. So tell me, do you listen music online or download mp3 music? Please enlighten the blog with your comments in the respective sections. I’d be delighted to hear from my readers as always.

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