How to Stay Fit Without Work Out Equipment

If you don’t want to invest in a work out equipment and want to lose weight, there are plenty of tips that I can offer you. As exercise is important for you to lose weight, you need to find exercises that are effective and don’t require any equipment. Remember that even a simple work out mat will be sufficient to tackle your weight loss goals. If you suddenly impose pressure on the body for losing weight or increase  weight of the body, then it can lead to various kinds of health problems.

Apart from this, there is also the risk of sagging muscles and stretch marks on the skin, if the body is not provided the adequate amount of rest. So remember to opt for workout tips that provide lucrative results gradually but effectively.

One of the workout tips I always suggest is to make use of what is available.

  • If you don’t have the equipment, go for a jog or do freehand cardio like jumping jacks, spot jogging, etc.

  • Yoga and Pilates can be thrown in.

  • Use your own body weight instead of using equipment. 

For quicker weight loss, the motto for workout tips should be to keep the body active. This is how the cardio exercises work. You don’t have to do them at a stretch. They can be broken down into intervals and done throughout the day. You just need to choose what you have at home and work out in comfort at home, without any need of equipments. Even there are many benefits of workout without equipments, including lower risk of injury- the heaviest object you lift is your own body. Also, you can save money as there will be no equipment costs. Here is something  of what you can do and boy these work out tips sure helped me on days I didn’t feel like hitting the gym-

  • Walk to office or work, instead of taking the car

  • During the day,  take at least 2 walks of 10 minutes each. This will keep the metabolism running

  • Also choose  stairs rather than using the elevator or escalator, which is a workout tip that I simply swear by

  • Do some yoga or other recreational forms of exercises to break monotony

  • Don’t sit for longer periods, try and walk around and do some light stretching

Another workout tip that I always believe is to switch over to newer forms of exercise. Every couple of months you should change your workout routine.  Change exercise combinations like yoga and cardio, weight and yoga, or running and Pilates, etc.

So you can get a total body workout at home, without any equipment. But remember none of these work out tips will work for you if you aren’t motivated. So common couch potatoes get up and let’s give this a try! And if you can’t keep up, post us so that we can help you out! Or let us know the other workout tips you have tried at home.

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