Healthy Diet Programs for Weight Loss

Everyone wants a healthy diet program for weight loss, preferably  where you don’t want to  leave out your favorite steaks and greasy burger. Of course, the additional benefit of healthy weight loss without any exercise is always welcomed. But life doesn’t work that way, does it? Else I would be in Hollywood with estates spread over Beverly Hills.

A diet is the total amount of food consumed in a day by an ordinary person. For weight loss, a healthy and balanced diet is a must, as it helps to maintain your metabolic rate and gives you energy.  In order to stay healthy, people try and adopt a healthy and balanced diet. The right diet can help you lead a healthy and ailment free life.

A healthy diet program can help reduce the risk of getting diseases due to genetic and social factors. Good food helps you to have a long healthy life. In choosing a diet program, it is necessary to take into account your age, gender, body size. There are various diet programs which target specific foods like high fat diets, carbohydrate rich diets, protein rich diets etc. A person should be very conscious while choosing the right plan for themselves.

Simple guidelines for you to start diet programs-

  • Take in a variety of fruits and vegetables.

  • Incorporate nuts and low-fat milk.

  • Start using beneficial unsaturated fat from olive oil.

  • Avoid using refined foodstuff. 

The best diet program I would suggest would be something that helps you reduce kilos in just a few days. Green tea is a great supplement that can be used to reduce weight. It reduces appetite also. Only managing food habits will not help to lose weight, it is also important to incorporate exercise habits in the daily routine like walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, jogging etc. Use some of the free time to exercise and follow it up with a healthy meal for yourself.

Also, Skipping breakfast can lower your energy levels and won’t help you lose weight. Eating proper breakfast is very important as it helps you stabilize your hormones and keeps the potential overeating at bay. Here is a sample diet plan for weight loss that you can follow to reduce weight.

Breakfast for diet program should include,  either:

  • A bowl of cereal

  • Boiled eggs

  • A bowl full of fruits

  • A cup of tea or coffee in skimmed milk

  • A piece of bread with low fat spread 

Mid-morning snack for diet program:

  • Some nuts

  • A cup of green tea

  • A glass of Luke warm water with honey 


  • 40-50% – whole grains (wheat/ rice/ bread)

  • 10-20% – proteins in the form of cooked pulses or cereals

  • 20-30% – cooked vegetables and salads

  • 10%- fruits (oranges, apples can be had as dessert)

  • Little ghee (1-2tsp) is good to neutralize the dryness. 

Evening snack:

  • Light sandwiches with low fat spread

  • Fruits

  • Salad 

Dinner (not later than 7.30)

  • A bowl of soup

  • Sandwiches if not taken earlier

  • Salad (But not in Caesar dressing)

  • Roasted chicken/fish

 Let me know if this worked out for you, like it did for me.

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