Importance of Spiritual Wellness

Physical, emotional and mental wellbeing is completely different from spiritual wellbeing. Spiritual wellness is something that is not quantitative, it is something to be experienced. It cannot be seen.

Physical wellbeing is said to be perfect when our body is well tuned, while mental wellness means our mind is well-balanced, and when we are able to cope up with our emotions effectively, then it is emotional wellbeing.

Spiritual wellnessHowever, a combination of these three – physical wellness, emotional wellness and mental wellness, is important to experience spiritual wellness. When we work towards attaining spiritual wellness, we are trying to find the purpose and joy in our life.

Mental, spiritual and physical health

Spiritual inspiration is essential to overcome the stress that we go through in the process of experiencing spirituality. Mental, spiritual and physical health is interconnected, and in my experience, each has a great impact on another.

When I am emotionally upset, I felt exhausted and tired combined with a loss of appetite and loss of energy. I feel I am distanced from my true self. On the other hand, whenever I am spiritually connected and satisfied, I am able to manage my physical and emotional stress well.

So it is very clear that nourishing of the soul is important and vital to lead a satisfactory and healthy life.

Spiritual healing

All would have heard that spiritual methods help in healing. It is true, and some people have experienced complete healing from their health conditions through this method. It is difficult to attain absolute healing, but I am sure through spiritual methods one can feel a sense of wellbeing. There will be a positive effect on an individual’s overall health with the enrichment of spiritual health.

When an individual is suffering from chronic health conditions, spirituality will help in coping up with the signs and symptoms of the disease and in taking up daily challenges positively.

Spiritual connection

New age spirituality has various paths, and it is difficult to say which one is the right path and which is best for whom. Spiritual connection will show you the path to find the purpose and meaning of life. According to me, it is good to listen to your inner voice and understand the path that makes you feel complete. Spiritual connection, no doubt, will help in improving your health and at the same time will keep you contented and happy.

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