Link between Spirituality And Health

Spirituality and health go hand in hand. Right from ancient times, spirituality has been used as one of the most important means in improving health. There is no doubt many people still believe that spirituality really works in improving health.

Spirituality helps in improving health

In this blog post, the topic of discussion taken by me is how spirituality helps in improving health.

spirituality has positive effectsThough medical science has been advanced and there are thousands of new medicines, treatment and tests available in diagnosing and treating a patient, spirituality plays a major role in current medication in the form of compassionate care.

Health does not just mean physical health. It actually refers to mental health too. In fact, only when both these aspects are balanced can an individual be physically and mentally fit.

Healthy self-image is important in this modern world of technology, and you can achieve this only when you are mentally healthy. According to me, spiritual wellness is essential for people to concentrate on their work and to do their day-to-day chores.

When I had problems in understanding how spirituality and an individual’s wellbeing is connected, I got an opportunity to discuss this topic with someone who seemed to be knowing the subject well. He gave me a clear picture about the matter.

Spirituality may be difficult to define, but it becomes simple when you understand that it is just about sense of self. When I took initiatives to turn to the idea of sense of self, I felt it was more realistic and started questioning my own self image.

Spirituality has positive effects on your wellbeing

You need to experience this personally to understand how spirituality has positive effects on your wellbeing.

It is very clear that the link between spirituality and health or mental health is only about self-image.

When I first started to see whether I am physically and mentally healthy, I could realize that this is the point of link between me and the outside world. It gave me a clear picture about how I looked at others and related myself to the world.

Spiritual inspiration gave me the confidence and I felt that I am positively motivated to love myself and in turn love others.

Spiritual health completely depends on physical health. You need to be physically fit to assimilate yourself with higher spiritual frequencies. Your body needs to be sensitive to these positive energies, to get benefited. To achieve spiritual health you need to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

If you would like to share your thoughts on the subject, or add something more to my views please leave your comments below.


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