Watching Television is really Not All That Bad

If I ask you whether you have a television set in your home, 99 percent of you will give me a resounding ‘Yes!’ as the answer. But have you ever considered the question: why is television worth watching?

Some of you will say that it provides wholesome entertainment while others will stick to the point that it is a good source of entertainment. All of you are correct in your views.

But have you ever thought that watching television can prove to be very good for your wellbeing? Let me elaborate.

Original caption- "The Greatest Crowd Pul...

Original caption- “The Greatest Crowd Puller” Television is the greatest and fastest media of information these days. Wherever and whenever it is on, people stick to its screen to know latest about the world. In the picture people are seen watching and enjoying a live Cricket match, on a small television, setup specially on a roadside -just to watch the match between India and Pakistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, you always thought that television and entertainment go hand in hand. Well, you are very right; it affects you and makes you respond. You laugh on a good comedy program, you cry when there is something that moves you or saddens you on TV. Even when you very well know that it isn’t real, it still affects your emotions.

Pros of watching television

There are many other pros of watching television; the news and debates for example. They can prove to be very informative for all of you.

Now you will say that I am merely stating something which you already know. But have you ever thought of this: your favorite programs are usually aired once a week, but you always keep in mind what happened in the last episode till your next episode is being aired? This shows how attached you are to your favorite television programs.

Various educative programs and quizzes along with other child watch programs like cartoons and animated movies aired on television are certainly a great source of knowledge and entertainment for your child. It is true that watching television really helps in easy learning as you memorize or learn things better when you see it. In my opinion, watching television for two to three hours a day does not really harm your child in any way.

Advent of technology

With the advent of technology, every electronic gadget is being modified and are made more technologically improved. Well, television is no exception. People are paying more and more money for high-definition television better known as hd television.

I will also say that it is certainly a treat to your eyes to watch programs in high-definition. To curtail your expenses, you can also watch television online with just a minimal fee paid for the required software and no extra charges.

I would really appreciate if you comment and let me know your views and opinions on my blog.

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