Top career options after school

The biggest decision you as youngster would have to make after the completion of your schooling is to choose the right career line. This is definitely not a very easy decision to make and is in fact one of the most important decisions you would make in your lifetime as it defines your future. Though there are lots of career options open before you, as a individual you would need to consider your interest, skills, hobbies and strength to choose the right career option. If you are confused, you may seek the help of a career advisor who will help you think clearly. If you are too shy to do that, here is a career guide compiled by me and has career information that is very important for youngsters after schooling.

Financial Advisor

If you are from a commerce background and love your numbers and are known to be a walking talking calculator, then I would suggest you consider becoming a financial advisor. There are two reasons why I recommend this for you; firstly you will be able to continue your tryst with numbers. Secondly, the finance industry is ever growing and there is a good growth opportunity for you. Apart from these two being the prime reason, you may also like to consider the perks, which is quite handsome in this industry and the opportunity to interact with more people and develop your skill and be part of a knowledge sharing experience with experts.

Computer network administrator

If you prefer spending the night with your computer and are known to be a computer geek, becoming a network administrator could be a viable career option for you. The two prime reasons why I recommend this is because the computer industry is here to stay and is evolving with every passing day, so you get an opportunity to explore, learn, and grow.

Secondly, you can continue to work with the thing you are madly in love with – computers. The job of a network administrator is quiet challenging and interesting as well. If you are the sort of person who likes challenges then jump into it I would say.

Dental hygienist

If you are a science student and looking to pursue a career in medical science, and want to start a fight against bad breath and poor oral hygiene, I recommend being a dental hygienist. If you are a good looking bloke, all the better; your jaw dropping looks will come in handy! Jokes apart, you would want to pursue this career because the field of oral care has a lot to offer and to learn from. Your learning process will never stop so will your career growth.

So here are some of my recommendations, though the list could go on and on. I would also recommend that before choosing a career, get complete and comprehensive career information and things related to it. This will help you make your decision carefully and with confidence. If you like this post and would like to comment on some more career options that can be pursued or you would like to know about, please leave a comment below.

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