Disease Prevention through Nutritious Diet

Nowadays we have become more prone to diseases. There are a number of reasons why we falls sick. In this article, I will not only talk about those reasons but share some ideas of how to prevent these diseases by following a nutritious diet.  With the busy scheduled and fast paced life we live today, we hardly find time to give our body the nutrients it needs. We have replaced nutritious food with fast foods, junk foods, fried food, and soft drinks etc, which have now become a part of our daily diet. I used to love eating fast food but now I do realize how the adverse effects it can have on our overall health.

Our body has an immune system, which helps us in disease prevention. The proper functioning of our immune system is very important to fight diseases.  What does the immune system needs to function properly?  The answer is nutrition! Let me tell you the reasons why maintaining a proper and healthy diet is mandatory:

  • It helps in avoiding states of vitamin deficiency.

  • It helps in maintaining proper bone mass and increases muscle strength.

  • It helps in preventing diseases like cardiac disease, certain cancers, osteoporosis, obesity, strokes and heart attacks.

  • It even helps in controlling and treating chronic conditions. 

Maintaining Proper Health

The key to maintaining proper health is to supplement our body with the right nutrition at the right time. The only way to achieve this is by eating healthy food. The food we eat has a direct relationship with our health. That is why I always include healthy and quality food items in my diet. . The healthier we eat, the healthier our body  will be. It’s that simple! For the proper functioning of all our body organs, nerves, muscles and bones, our body needs minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In short, to maintain proper health, eat a variety of food with complete nutrients and maintain your health with proper exercise on a daily basis.

Controlling & Preventing Diseases

I have seen a number of people who suffer from obesity. The basic reason behind getting obese is taking in more calories and burning out less. The health hazards caused due to obesity includes:

Certain Cancers,

  • High Blood Pressure,

  • Arthritis

  • Diabetes

  • Heart Diseases, etc. 

A Healthy Diet Includes:

Maintaining a healthy diet can certainly help you avoid infectious diseases. I made the following changes in my diet and have really experienced the difference:

  • Low intake of added sugars, sodium (salt), cholesterol, Trans fats, and saturated fats,

  • Included nuts, eggs, beans, fish, poultry, and lean meats,

  • Added milk products, fat free milk,

  • Added high fiber foods such as fruits, beans, rice, pasta  and vegetables

  • Drink 8oz glasses of water per day. 

I hope you find my post interesting and informative. Please feel free to share your comments, feedback, suggestions; I am open to all and waiting!

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