You too can live a Fuller life!

Each one of us has been through a low phase in her/his life. Sometimes these phases last longer than usual, making us think of different (and often drastic) solutions. I don’t mean to scare you, but I know of some people who were so disheartened with their sex lives that they even considered a sex change operation! I am not a magician, but I do have a solution – much simpler one – which will make you happier not only from the sex point of view, but would also make you more productive at your work; thus making your life a more satisfying one.

More often than not, the real problem in our life is not a person or an incident, but the very lifestyle we follow or the way we approach the task. As we try to handle more and more challenges every day, there is an increase in the stress level, leading to a number of issues related to our physical and mental health. The essence of living a better life lies in how effectively we are able to handle the factors which cause stress.

What I am going to suggest is nothing new. But it has been thought over several times and seems to be effective in our times. Having Sex, as we know it, is an art that has been present since the beginning of civilization. It is often misunderstood as something that is not spiritual and not meant for the sages and the religious people. But let me assure you that it carries tremendous benefits, some of which can be of interest to people like you and me, who like living life to the fullest!

Some of the benefits of having daily sex are: a person can stay away from stress, and it is a great form of exercise. It lowers the person’s blood pressure and improves the immunity too. You will agree that such a person would eventually be better at work, sexually more happy, and would ultimately be able to live a fuller life.

I fully understand that sex, if done in the conventional manner, would not be very interesting. Therefore, be open to different ideas to make and keep it interesting. Please feel free to discuss any point, including sexy clothes and sexy sex positions with your partner.

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