Sex and Meditation for a better life

As we consider various tools to help our well being, the role of meditation is of supreme importance. The concept has been present since time immemorial, in practically every culture. The interesting thing is we have all done some kind of meditation at some time or the other, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore, you would do well to dump the idea that it is meant only for the saints or the holy people! I have been doing it for several years now, and I do not claim to be a saint!

Meditation can be of different kinds, and it need not always be dull or boring. Like so many other things we do in our lives, even this significant practice can be made more interesting, and done in a manner which would keep bringing us back to it again and again. It may not be as exciting as those sexy sex positions, but you will still find it to be interesting.

Because meditation does not believe in sex discrimination, I recommend it for everyone. I have been guiding many people from different walks of life on how to live a fuller life; therefore, my experience tells me that some of you would like to procure a video to take you on a step by step journey on meditation. These should be treated as educational tools, much like sex education videos.

Each one of us lives a busy life, which gives us a reason to be stressful. Therefore, you may think I am giving you more reason to be stressed by telling you the importance of meditation! However, my intention is not to alarm you, but only to convey that the benefits of this great tool can be felt by spending as little as ten minutes a day. The advantages are many, some of them being peace of mind, reduction in anxiety levels, better emotional stability, better creativity, and clarity of thought. All of these make you more positive and competent, and you will start looking at your problems as challenges which can be handled in a more efficient manner. The ultimate result, therefore, is a happier you.

Sounds interesting? Then please let me know your thoughts on the subject and how you have benefited from. Please post your comments below and share your ideas and tips with me.

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