Parenting Advice To Achieve Positive Parenting

Being a parent is one of the greatest joys of life. But along with this joy comes huge responsibilities; that of raising our little ones to evolve them as worthy human souls. Parenting involves a lot of hard times and hard work. Going through the various stages of parenting is more difficult than it sounds. I have been through tough times while raising my child and have sought suggestions from experts towards positive parenting. I can hereby share the parenting advice that I follow.

There are no written rules to establish positive parenting; again there cannot be any set pattern of handling children. Thus my parenting advice to you would be to exercise certain discretion in handling your child; after all, every single child is different.

To practice positive parenting, you must remember that your child is your privilege. Having a child is one of the greatest gifts of God. This is what I firmly believe. I have to remember that my child is not my property that I should invest for the future. Considering your child as your property will lead to possessiveness, which is not a positive aspect of parenting. Instead, I am a support system to my kid, love and enjoy being together.

A very crucial parenting advice is to let your children be themselves. You should let them express their inner desires and wishes and let them be what they want to be. Letting them express themselves completely, and your acceptance builds a behavior of trust and confidence in them and this aspect is really important as far as parenting is concerned. It of course does not mean that you let your child get into troubles that could harm him or her and still not counsel and advise them on the same. But so long your child is not indulging in anything negative; you must be actively involved in his or her life.

Positive parenting involves a lot of patience on the part of a parent. You should never hurry unnecessarily; let your child have a normal growth. Unnecessary hurrying could hamper your child’s growth and put undue pressure on the kid. Your child looks wonderful with a childlike attitude; a child with adult like attitude is not appreciated. Accept him and his natural growth as it is. Don’t try to manipulate it.

Life is an unending process of learning. My parenting advice to you would be to have the attitude to learn also and not just teach your child what you have learned earlier. While you learn along with your child, your bond grows stronger, and you evolve as a better parent. This is what I keep doing to my child.

Thus I would advice you to maintain a friendly relation with your child. Friendship is the best way to solve every single issue, be it simple or difficult. Most parents forget to be a friend, instead they become bosses, who want to show their authority over them, instead of being with them. Thus , I always ask parents to be friendly with their kids. Instead of being a boss to my child and imposing myself on him, I keep the relationship flexible and be a friend to him.

Such simple stuffs have worked wonders for me, so I shared these hoping that these do the same to you, as well. You can always share your thoughts.

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