Music and Positivity

Music is something that is accessible to all of us. We are always attracted towards different tunes and rhythms created with instruments. The world we live in is driven by sound. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, some sort of … [Continue reading]

Motivating employees is an art

Motivating employees is an art

Motivating employees is an easy task, with little effort on the employer’s side. It can be achieved. I do not know why employee motivation still remains to be a mystery for many managers. The truth is, it does give good results for both the employer … [Continue reading]

Knowing our family roots – how and why

Family tree

Family roots, or where we have come from, is an interesting topic for some. Ask a spiritual man and he would say “dust” or “Adam and Eve”. However, if you are looking to trace your family roots to know your lineage you may not want to go that back in … [Continue reading]

Happy Blended Families are Possible! HOW?

Blended families

Blended families surely sounds cool; given the fact that they are also called stepfamilies. Though the word blended families may seem to be the best way of tackling the negativity the word step-family conveys, it surely may not help to deal with the … [Continue reading]

Family values for the perfect families

Family values

Family values; the words themselves may sound old school. However, we know that our elders cherished it, and they want us to uphold it, as well. When it comes to family values, different people tend to have different opinions about it based on … [Continue reading]

Overcoming the Challenge of Cooking for Kids


Cooking for kids is becoming a challenge for many parents across the globe. The amount of junk food available to our kids has killed their taste for home cooked food, which we know is healthy, nutritious and essential for their health. As cooking … [Continue reading]

Cooking with kids – an altogether new experience

Cooking with kids

Cooking can be a very creative task when you experiment and try out new recipes. This is one of the reasons why today many kids find cooking to be quite interesting and would love to learn. If your kids show interest in cooking, why not get them … [Continue reading]

Picnic Recipes That Are Easy And Fun


Picnics are always fun. This fun gets doubled when clubbed with interesting picnic recipes. No picnic is complete without good food. You can’t plan a picnic without finalizing the menu and without packing beverages! Earlier, whenever I used to go … [Continue reading]

Advantages Of Healthy Easy Recipes

Healthy easy recipies

Food is one of the fundamental requirements for living. Diet is a major influence on health. Our food choices determine whether we are getting proper nutrients or not. But when it comes to healthy living and wellbeing, eating healthy food is very … [Continue reading]

The Best Diet Tips

Diet tips

If you are in search for the best diet tips that can help you maintain your health and stay fit and fine, read on. I have outlined some of the best diet tips recommended by experts and followed by many: It is necessary for you to know what you can … [Continue reading]