Importance of Peace and Harmony in Daily Life

Everyone has to understand the power of peace and harmony, art of living and tranquility in their life one day or the other. I too recognized that ego, guilt and shame are the things that can prevent an individual from attaining mental peace. These … [Continue reading]

Vocational Education And Your Career

Vocational Education

As all the five digits on your hand are different so is the education and adaptability of an individual. Education forms a very integral part of our society today, and there are different stages and forms of education. In this article, I am going to … [Continue reading]

Is free education worth it?

Free education

A lot of us have this misconception that if it’s free it’s not worth it. Though I may agree with this statement in certain matters, it might not be true always. For example, a beautiful smile, a loving hug, much-needed commendation and many more such … [Continue reading]

Understand the Concept of Education System

Concept of Education System

The education system in our times is quiet diverse and evolving with every passing day. The past few years have seen revolutionary changes in the field of education like online education, distance learning and free education, as well. However, to … [Continue reading]

The evolution of religion

Evolution of religion

What exactly is religion? Apart from the divinity associated with the concept, it is a way of life followed by a large number of people all over the world. Since time immemorial, humans have lived in groups in order to secure their existence. This … [Continue reading]

Religion in America: A new perspective


Religion can be defined as a faith that binds a group of people together. The history of religion in America dates back to the days when Christopher Columbus first set foot on the American soil. Since then the United States has stood witness to the … [Continue reading]

How is religion related to wellbeing

Deep rooted religions

Living a happy life is not only about earning money and spending it as you like. Those who have enough to spend soon realize the fact that mere worldly possessions are not enough to satiate the spiritual thirst. This is where religion gains … [Continue reading]

Importance of Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness

Physical, emotional and mental wellbeing is completely different from spiritual wellbeing. Spiritual wellness is something that is not quantitative, it is something to be experienced. It cannot be seen. Physical wellbeing is said to be perfect when … [Continue reading]

Link between Spirituality And Health

spirituality has positive effects

Spirituality and health go hand in hand. Right from ancient times, spirituality has been used as one of the most important means in improving health. There is no doubt many people still believe that spirituality really works in improving … [Continue reading]

How to Achieve Spiritual Health

Definition of Spirituality

For ages, spirituality and health have been intertwined. Many people believed and still believe that spirituality has positive and good effects on an individual’s health. If you are diligent and confident about your spirituality, no doubt it will … [Continue reading]