Is free education worth it?

A lot of us have this misconception that if it’s free it’s not worth it. Though I may agree with this statement in certain matters, it might not be true always. For example, a beautiful smile, a loving hug, much-needed commendation and many more such things are free but worth a lot.

So what about free education?

There might be many who would tell you that it’s not worth it. However, consider this, education apart from being defined as “a systematic process of receiving or giving instructions at school or university” is also defined as an enlightening experience.

Free educationSo then, if  free education is the process where you can, along with receiving instructions, get enlightened, then it’s surely worth it. Do not believe me? Ask Buddha.

Jokes apart, free education is really possible these days and is totally worth it. The growing popularity of the internet has surely made free education not only a reality, but also something that anyone can benefit from.

Take up online courses

Are you a housewife sitting at home thinking of learning something new? Why not look up the internet for free education courses in the field of your interest.

If you are interested in some vocational courses related to some trade or craftsmanship like carpentry, painting, baking, and so on, you can look for online courses that are part of free education programs.

The benefit of such free education programs is that the tutors are mostly experienced individuals from the industry who want to encourage people to take their trade up and give something back to the society. Therefore, you get to learn the trick of the trades from the experts without being bothered about paying huge sums of money in fees.


It is said that all good things in life are free, and I firmly believe in it. As far as free education is concerned, I personally believe that it is one of the best things on offer, which help you develop your skills and learn something more in your field of interest.

Most of these free education courses give you a lot of flexibility and teach you practical trades that surely are worth it. You can look up the internet for more information on the availability of such free education programs in your field of interest.

What is your take on free education? Share your thoughts on the subject by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Thank you for this inspiring article! I also agree that free education is worth getting it. Nowadays we have a lot of sites with free educational courses and they are cool