Humor as a tool to increase happiness in life

Happiness in life is something that everyone craves for and there are people out there who are ready do anything to make their life happier.

I understand that happiness is something that differs from one man to another and is largely dependent on the person’s view of life. However, let us not start dissecting happiness and analyze its ‘true’ meaning as such a task would only spoil its beauty.

In simple terms, one way in which you can live a happy life is to infuse humor in your life.


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There are many people who like to brood over matters that should have been long forgotten. Their life is not only miserable but pathetic at times and so if you do not want to be one of them it is time you infuse humor in your life.

Incorporating humor in your life

Humor is something very simple, and incorporating it into your life does not require you to be a standup comedian or a fool.

For example, just read humor books if you cannot find naturally humorous incidents around you though I am sure you can easily find some if you look around you.

Infusing humor makes life a lot easier and you can add spice to your seemingly monotonous life through it.

Life has a lot of humorous things to offer. If we take time to look beyond our daily anxieties and sorrows we will surely be able to find humor in challenging situations, as well.

Distribute humor

Another way of incorporating humor into your life is to give humorous gifts to your friends, relatives, colleagues and others whom you may come across. However, keep in mind that not all have the ability to take humor in a good spirit. So, make a careful choice of the gift that you want to give and if the choice is perfect it would work a lot to make life easier.

A life without humor is like a tree without leaves. So, if you have to live a better and happier life infusing humor is your best choice.

Wear some humorous shirts, crack some jokes with dirty humor while with friends and read some humorous books to reduce the stress of life. It will help you steam off your tension, and you can easily make your life a lot lighter and easier than before.

If you liked reading this post and would like to share your humorous thoughts, please leave a comment below.

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