How to Refrain From Bad Parenting

Parenting is undoubtedly a mammoth task. However, every single thing comes with a positive as well as a negative side to it. Parenting too has its share of challenges and blessings. Just the way good parenting is bliss; bad parenting can be a real disaster. Parenting can make a child very confident as well as very shy and timid also. So, in order to make parenting a rewarding experience, parents need to refrain from bad parenting by following some basic tips. I am sharing the ones that I follow.

True that becoming a parent is indeed a life-altering event, but it has to come naturally. Then only can we be good parents to our children. Try to take the challenges of parenting as it comes and interact with your child regularly. This makes your relationship with your child, more lucid and adorable.

In order to avoid bad parenting, I never compare myself to the stereotypical parents. This is something very crucial for every parent to remember. In order to be the best parent in the world, if I get overboard and continue reading books of good parenting, I would end up in a mess. Hence I do follow certain expert advices and do discuss with experienced parents, but never try to be a carbon copy of the so-called model parents as portrayed in the books. You have to live in reality. You have to be yourself and just allow your child to develop him as he is. Give him a natural and comfortable environment, so that he feels free to talk to you. Don’t try to be an ideal parent. Actually, there is no such thing like an ideal parents, there are just parents who know what good parenting is. Everyone comes with some flaw or the other. Thus trying to be an ideal bookish parent is an example of bad parenting.

Another valuable parenting advice to refrain from bad parenting is not to be overtly anxious about your children. I have noticed that being excessively anxious about my child makes me cranky as a parent and I end up being a pain to others. When you become anxious about anything, which is surely going to happen as a parent, just try to remain calm and speak in a friendly manner with your child about it. This will help you keep your communication lines with your kids always open.

Another classic example of bad parenting is being obsessive about cleanliness. You need to understand that it is the children who are to make a mess, not the parents. So, don’t be obsessive about hygiene. Be sensible instead of being a freak. Your children would become jittery if you are obsessed about cleanliness. While hygiene is important, too much of anything, as they say, is always bad!

Some basic tips are enough to refrain from bad parenting. As parents, we evolve every single day as our children grow. If you have your insights on the same, please feel free to share with me.

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